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Sonja Sorich is an accomplished industry professional with a vast knowledge of spa design within the luxury spa and wellness market. She has managed, transformed and crafted some of Australia's most prestigious spa concepts and with her love for writing, she has also penned the text for numerous spa menus. Her 16 years of extensive experience in spa consulting, spa management, spa training and spa design support Sonja in offering a comprehensive and bespoke service.

In her realm as a wellness coach and retreat facilitator, Sonja led guest programs for 5 years at Australia's leading lifestyle retreat and over the past 15 years (alongside her roles in spa) she has taught classes from yoga, qi gong and meditation to ecstatic dance and dynamic movement. She is also a gifted public speaker and loves to present on a variety of topics related to spa design, wellness solutions and personal development. 

With a passion for wellness travel, Sonja's journeys have taken her to some of the most sophisticated healing sanctuaries around the world. Her interest in well-being and personal development keep her continually learning and exploring. And her experience in the spa, retreat and hospitality industry give her a competitive advantage when engaging a spa design, planning a retreat or creating a wellness solution. 

Sonja's earlier years in hospitality, soft furnishings, overseas sourcing and retail sales have proved to be very complementary to her current consulting career and she is currently studying Interior Design & Decoration with Mercer Design College in Melbourne. Her keen attention to detail and her passion for clever business strategy, brand identity, copy writing and interior styling combine with a great deal of acquired skill and a commitment to giving her clients the very best.

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Megan Hounslow (BA Interior Design) & Melanie Beynon ( BA Interior Design & Architecture) are the Directors of Meme, an established architecture and interior design studio based in Melbourne. With expertise in both international and local commercial projects, the team competently delivers holistic design, detailing and documentation onto final built form. Meme have worked on significant hotel, hospitality and commercial projects including the National Gallery of Victoria and award winning Prince of Wales Hotel, Heide MOMA - CaféVue and Aerial. In collaboration with Spa Wellness Consulting, Meme are passionate about creating environments and spaces that improve human wellness. Thoughtful choices are made while researching, planning and programming spa and wellness projects, and spaces are considered with purposeful qualities to promote balance and harmony for mind, body and spirit. Meme focus on evidence based design both globally and locally, review drivers for change and implement these tools to hone their skill set and knowledge base so as to enable them to communicate, develop and deliver integral wellness within any project.

Rachel Sandford is an enthusiastic and insightful interior designer/decorator who joins the Spa Wellness team to provide clients a refreshing new look for their spa space. Combining function with form, Rachel has a real commitment to understanding a clients needs so that a creative and appealing result can be formulated for the design of a space. She delivers beautiful interiors through bespoke application of the right materials, finishes and furnishings, and specialises in sourcing beautiful and interesting furniture, furnishings and finishes. She is currently formalising her passion for transforming interiors at Mercer College of Design after having had a successful corporate career of 20 years. Due to this additional skill set, Rachel brings strong business acumen with experience in strategy, know-how in transforming company culture and program management. Given this experience, her spa design solutions are informed by her specialised understanding in how an environment can impact on the engagement, and wellbeing of employee and customer. 

Priya Tahere is a retreat producer and organiser/decluttering extraordinaire. Combining her love for health, wellness and simplicity with her passion for making a positive impact locally and globally, Priya has the ability to step into any environment and systemise, organise and inspire. Gaining worldwide experience in retail and hospitality management, she has spent the past 20 years working for prestigious companies in the South Pacific, North America and the UK. In 2012 she landed in Australia and has worked at Australia’s leading health retreats and yoga studios, implementing systems and procedures and organising retreats both locally and internationally. As a dedicated Zen and Yoga practitioner, she brings a calmness and grounding to any project while delivering results in a sophisticated, effective and efficient manner. Priya strives to live a decluttered, simple and joyful life and believes that by creating an organised, clean and calm physical environment one can live a calm, simple and joyful life. Her skill set is applicable to planning and setting up structure and systems for new spa and retreat developments, as well as decluttering, re-organising and systemising our spa refurbishment projects. 

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Stefania Rendina is a graphic designer who specialises in the fields of identity (logo) design, branding, print design, promotional campaigns, events and more. She has a multitude of qualifications including training at the reputable and international Shillington Design College, combined with a Bachelor in Communications (Major in Advertising) and Diploma in Marketing from Charles Sturt University. It is this unique combination of training, combined with a strong passion and enthusiasm for design, that ensures her approach is strategically driven and achieves the intended results for clients. As all client’s needs are different, Stefania personalises her approach and crafts a unique solution for each brief. She brings a sense of pride and immense work ethic to each and every project. Stefania has now worked on several projects with Spa Wellness and the quality of her art is second to none. 

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Bronwyn Bennett is a qualified Building Biologist, and brings her experience in Clinical Massage, Natural Medicine and Building Biology to offer our spa clients a comprehensive insight on how our indoor environment and other environmental factors are all fundamentally connected to the health and wellbeing of mind, body and spirit. Building Biology is the science of holistic interactions between humans and their living environment, and has been developed in consultation with physics, chemistry, biology and architecture, as well as experts from analytical laboratories, environmental health care professionals and other independent experts. Audits and testing methods of existing spa and wellness environments help to identify and provide solutions on Indoor Air Quality, Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Radiation (EMR), Moisture and Mould, Geomancy and Water Quality. Bronwyn also provides advice to our Interior Designers and Architects on Green Healthy Building Materials used in the design and development of healthy spa's.

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Jodi Brunner is a Master of Feng Shui and senior Lecturer for the Feng Shui Research Centre founded by Master Joseph Yu. Jodi's successful spa journeys include her outstanding contribution to the design, concept and Feng Shui expertise for Chuan Spa at the Langham Hotel which won the Conde Nast Spa of the Year Award and is consistently voted one of the top 30 spas in the world. Since 2004 Jodi's spa concept has been used in all Langham Hotels worldwide. Jodi also designed the Feng Shui for Peace and Quiet Well-Being Spa in Bendigo, winner of the ASPA Spas of Excellence Award; and her smaller projects include Shizuka Ryokan in Daylesford, Envitalize in Greensborough, Leaf Health in Essendon, Heavenly Happenings in Croydon Hills, Somatic Healthcare Clinic in Prahran and over ten other spa and wellness centres in Australia. A winner of the Melbourne Lord Mayor's Award in 2015, Jodi's experience includes running a successful concept retail business and holding a Diploma in Retail Management.