A brand offers a cross-sensory experience that evokes emotions, beliefs and desires. It is the face that represents your company's values, services, ideas and personality. Branding is conveyed through your design, your website, logo, imagery, packaging, copy, colours, font, spacing and so much more. Who you are as a brand is even communicated through your personal sense of fashion and interior space.

So why does your brand identity matter? Well if you think about it, human beings are attracted to things because of the way they look. We are very quick to judge whether another person matches our needs, by the way they present themselves. Will they be fun or capable or serious? So since your brand is the personality of your business, think about what your business represents to the world. Does it represent an image that is true to what you are and why you are here? And perhaps a branding exercise is necessary to tease out your WHY, so that you can convey the right image to the world through your philosophy, copy, imagery and aesthetic. 

Some great questions to ask yourself when developing your brand are...

What are you here for... whats your purpose?

What makes us special, what did we achieve and how will we be remembered?

Where do we want to be and whats our vision?

What will drive us and what is our customer cause?

What are our values and what are we best at?

What is our unique competency and what makes us distinct?

What is our personality and how do we communicate that through language and identity?

We love helping our clients gain the clarity they need to create a compelling, charismatic and memorable brand. So if you need some help, please feel free to connect with us and lets discover this together. 

Posted on April 10, 2017 .